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LightEmUpElectrical Services is a team of committed and reliable commercial electricians.

Our certified technicians pride themselves on delivering professional results. We will provide you with on-time, on-site, and on-budget electrical services that are customized to your needs. We offer comprehensive including design, installation, and maintenance of your electrical systems.


Commercial wiring and cabling solutions in Melbourne

  • Seeking power solutions for your business?
  • Urgently need a temporary power solution for your business?
  • Whatever type of power your business needs, we can help you out.

No matter what type of wiring you need, LightEmUpElectrical has got you covered. We provide 240v & 415v power, flame proof wiring, mains & temporary power and can determine max load calculations.



Wanting to minimize future expenditure on electrical upgrades?

Unsure of your business’s future power needs?

Accurate maximum power demand calculations are essential, so available power requirements are not only suitable for existing needs but also for future needs. Additions after installations are not only costly, but also not included in upgrade budgets.

  • Calculation of existing power requirements
  • Upgrades of additional loading
  • Upgrading and forecasting to future requirements

Statutory department liaising



  • Unnecessary equipment DOWNTIME?
  • Compromised work place SAFETY?
  • Looking to manage and reduce electrical RISK?
  • Other general commercial Electrical Maintenance requirements in Melbourne?


Source the Experience

The staff at LightEmUpElectrical  are highly experienced in all aspects of electrical servicing and installation.LightEmUpElectrical l can provide their clients with a full electrical service from their attending electrician with top quality workmanship. Our prompt commercial electrical services are available all areas in Melbourne


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