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LighEmUpElectrical Services pride ourselves on supplying quality work at an affordable price.

We are a friendly team of electricians who understand that you want a reliable and cost efficient solution. Look no further than LighEmUpElectrical Services when choosing an electrician for your home.Our pricing is very competitive. There are no hidden costs. We pride ourselves in offering a transparent service and are always look to maintain lasting relationships Have your power points professionally installed Call LighEmUpElectrical Today!

Alternatively, fill in the Online Enquiry Form and we will get back to you! We install 240 volt outlets for Domestic use for general electrical equipment?

Have your power professionally installed or relocated with LighEmUpElectrical , the power professionals


Right lighting always creates amazing living spaces at home.

Properly installed energy efficient lighting solutions will save you a lot of money over time.

  • Are you looking for the appropriate lighting solution for your new home
  • Are you curious on how much you can save with low energy lighting
  • Want to change the mood in living spaces or light up that dark corner
  • Weighing up outdoor lighting options


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